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In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying connected with your medical providers has become increasingly essential. The Pinner Clinic understands the importance of seamless communication between healthcare professionals and patients, and that’s why they offer a user-friendly Patient Portal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the Pinner Clinic Patient Portal login process, its features, and how it can empower you to take control of your healthcare journey.

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Here are Pinner Clinic Patient Portal Login Steps

Step 1: Go to the Pinner Clinic Patient Portal Login Page.

Step 2: Enter your user name/email address.

Step 3: Enter Your Password.

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Step 4: Click on the “Log in” Button: After putting in your username or email address and password, click “Log in” to send the information.

Forgot Password

Step 1: Visit the login page of the portal .

Step 2: Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link appearing on the login page screen.

Step 3: Now, Input your ‘Confirm Email Address’ in the fields.

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Step 4: Press on the ‘Email Me’ button.

Step 5: After that follow the steps which the website asks you to follow.

Follow these steps to Sign Up:

Step 1: Go to the page for the Pinner Clinic Patient Portal.

Step 2: Press the “Sign Up” or “Register” button.

Step 3: Set up your full name, date of birth, and contact details to the healthcare practitioner.

Step 4: A healthcare professional registration link will be sent to you via email.

Step 5 : Click on the link, create an account with a username, password, and security questions, and then go to the Patient Portal.

Benefits of Patient Portal:


  • The Pinner Clinic Patient Portal offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to manage your healthcare from the comfort of your home. This eliminates the need for unnecessary visits or phone calls.


  • By providing access to your medical records and facilitating communication with healthcare providers, the portal empowers you to actively participate in your healthcare decisions.


  • Streamlining administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and prescription refills enhances the overall efficiency of healthcare processes, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

Improved Communication:

  • The secure messaging system fosters improved communication between patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Enhanced Healthcare Experience:

  • Utilizing the Patient Portal results in an enhanced healthcare experience, characterized by increased engagement, personalized care, and a sense of control over one’s health.

Pinner Clinic Patient Portal Bill Pay :

Phone Number803-945-7475
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Pinner Clinic Appointments : 

Phone Number803-345-3298

Patient Support Center Details :

Address :“32 River Street Peak, South Carolina 29122”

Phone Number : 803-945-7475

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FAQ : 

What is the Pinner Clinic Patient Portal?

The Pinner Clinic Patient Portal is a secure online platform that enables patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, and manage various aspects of their healthcare journey conveniently from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I access the Patient Portal?

To access the Patient Portal, visit the official Pinner Clinic website and navigate to the Patient Portal section. Click on the login button, enter your credentials (username and password), and you’ll be directed to your personalized dashboard.

What if I’m a first-time user?

If you’re a first-time user, you may need to register and create an account. Follow the registration process provided on the Patient Portal page, and once completed, you can log in using your newly created username and password.

Is the Patient Portal secure?

Yes, the Pinner Clinic prioritizes the security of patient information. The Patient Portal employs robust security measures, including encryption and, in some cases, two-factor authentication, to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your medical data.


In conclusion, the Pinner Clinic Patient Portal is a valuable tool that can significantly improve your healthcare experience. By following the simple login process and exploring the portal’s features, you can actively engage in your healthcare journey, access vital information, and communicate effectively with your healthcare team. Embrace the convenience and empowerment that the Patient Portal provides, making your healthcare experience more personalized and efficient.

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